Düsseldorf, the state capital of the Start-Up-Region

22. juli 2022
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North Rhine-Westphalia is a real incubator for innovative and  future-orientated companies. Nearly every fifth Start-up has their headquarters here. That means 19 % of all German Start-Ups in NRW are residing here, whereby over half are in the urban centre of  Rhine-Ruhr. In this way the state dethrones Berlin (15,8%) for the first time.

These are the results from a study published by KPMG and the Association of German Start-Ups. Have you decided to setup your business in Germany?  Düsseldorf,  the most densely populated and most dynamic city, offers you many possibilities.

What makes this state and Düsseldorf so interesting? The central location, the optimal transport infrastructure, the demographic and  economic density and thus  ideal for customer accession  in the B2C aswell as B2B area.

 Düsseldorf, the ideal address to set up in Germany !

Düsseldorf is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, dynamic economy and leisure activities, good quality infrastructure and respect for the environment.

Are you planning to setup a business in Germany? Please contact us to discuss your plans.  We will support you to find the right partners, to implement  your business,  then support you to take care of your customers.

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